Construction projects in SoMa, San Francisco

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This series depicts the various construction projects seen in the SoMa district in San Francisco. Thanks to the tech boom, the city itself has been under rapid development in recent years, symbolized by the soaring skyscrapers and housing prices. SoMa is where all the tech start-ups cluster and seems to be in constant need for more room to accommodate the gold rushers.

These drawings are done with charcoal sticks – the smudginess of this medium conveys the right feel of “under development”, fitting the theme perfectly.

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Dancing Duo

These dancing, breathing flowers are small charged particles randomized in 3D space. Created with Processing. Depending on your browser and internet speed, it may take a while to get the images rendered as fluidly as I hope. I also made an Aurasma (an Augmented Reality app that shows overlay content for target objects) for it, so if I print postcards based on a still of this, their receivers could see them come to life using their phones.

Jul-15-2016 23-15-10.gifJul-15-2016 23-15-40.gif

Between Clouds and Waters

“Between Clouds and Waters,”  watercolor & ink on paper, 5″ x 5″, Chun Wang


This piece was inspired by traditional Chinese paintings in terms of subject and style. What gives it a distinct modern touch is the brightness of color, which is generally absent from the traditional Chinese. I also played a bit with the concept of wash v.s. pen & ink, so there is that interesting contrast between spontaneous shapes and pinpointed strokes – maybe this can be a stepping stone towards a unique style of my own.